Blooms Taxonomy

Multiple Intelligences


Learning Intentions

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  • use the keyboard Find feature to identify keywords in text
  • highlight, copy and paste appropriate information into Inspiration
  • write information in their own words
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Once students have the keywords these are used to find information on web pages. In this example the website has been hyperlinked, the children click on the link and skim read the text. By using Ctrl F they can insert a keyword and press Find to see where the keywords appear in the text. If the information answers the question they highlight the text and copy into the Internet Information box back on their Inspiration file. They repeat this procedure until they have the information they need. They highlight the keywords in the text and write their answer to the question using the new keywords as a guide. In this format teachers are able to see if the children can form a question, find keywords, find appropriate information from a website and then write new information using what they have found.

Inspiration for computer and Inspiration Maps for iPad

Word and Pages

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Google Slide

Google Docs

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