Blooms Taxonomy

Multiple Intelligences


Learning Intentions

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  • add information to graphic organiser

  • click on hyperlinks

  • use Key combinations of Ctrl F, Ctrl C and Ctrl V

  • skim and scan text, identifying keywords


The internet is full of information, sometimes too much. Using the keyboard shortcut of Ctrl F, insert a keyword and click OK to find that keyword in a body of text. Read the text, if it answers the question then copy that text over to the Internet information box. Highlight the key points in the internet information and use those key points to write new information to answer the question. Following this procedure the student has to make sense of the internet information and form new information from it. The teacher is able to see if the student is able to do this by comparing the internet information with the new information.

Inspiration for computer and Inspiration Maps for iPad


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Google Docs

Google Slide

Click on this link and make a copy

Click on this link and make a copy

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