Blooms Taxonomy

Multiple Intelligences


Learning Intentions

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  • retell a familiar story in sequence

  • retell the story from a different character's viewpoint

  • write dialogue

  • identify characters, setting and time

  • use adverbial starters

  • used past tense

  • use conjunctions

  • identify event, drama, problem

  • identify how the problem was solved

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The purpose of a recount is to list and describe past experiences by retelling events in a chronological order.

Recounts retell events informing and/or entertaining their audience.

Give an account of an event or a story. A recount is a story that has happened in the past. It can be

Factual: a news report

Personal: retelling about an event that has happened to you (write in First person)

Procedural: writing instructions

Fictional: retelling fables, fairytales

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