Writing Questions

Blooms Taxonomy

Multiple Intelligences


Learning Intentions

Understanding.png Analysing.pngEvaluating.png
Word smart.png Self smart.png People smart.png Nature smart.png Number smart.png
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  • type what they know in the symbols
  • recall information
  • write a question
  • identify keywords from that question
  • define...
  • describe...
  • list...
  • combine

Students are very able to find internet sites with information but they have difficulty turning that information into their own. Before they even start looking at the internet they need to formulate the question that will give them keywords to search with. Using the mindmap format they type in what they already know. They will then need to choose one of the ideas they have stated that they would like to know more about and generate a question around that.

Inspiration for computer and Inspiration

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